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From: Rubber Rider
Subject: Farming part 2Part 2 - Farming we have both moved after getting trainingNow five years later John is working as an assistant farm manager and I am
already independent pipeline welder earning dam good money, John and I keep
in touch by Email almost daily. John seems to be really happy in his work
and from what I gather his views are all well respected. I should also say
that I am enjoying my experience up north. The biggest thing is I don't see
my brother very often and he lolita land tiny petite also says the same thing.John has been in his job about 4 years and the owner of the farm asks him
to come and see him. John makes contact with Jim Fielder the owner, are you
free right pure lolita nymphet porn now yes I am OK I am coming over and we are going for a ride in
my truck.I should mention I have only meet Jim once and that was when I got the job
here but I know he is getting updates on personal on regular basics.I am waiting out side on the office porch and I see him driving into the
yard hence I get up to meet him. He pushing the passenger door open and
calls out, hi John please get in. Once seated Jim takes off to high ground
once there he shuts down the engine and we get out and sit on the tail
gate. So John how are you making out working here, I said good however lol rompl dorki sets I
don't see enough of my brother who is two years older than myself so what
does your brother do? He is a welder and has his TQ including his pressure
pipe line ticket � oh that is very interesting.I will come straight to the point but what we discuss here just remains
between the two of us. I have been watching how you have performed in your
job, now you may not realize I also have three different farms in Australia
out there they are called stations now I would like you to consider taking
over the operation of the smaller station which has only 750 sq miles, plus
a number of families and there kids some families are white the others are
Aboriginal and cute little nude lolitas they love dealing with the animals. There will be times when
you sleep out under the stars using a swag now we will go back to the
office as I need to know exactly where your brother is as I would like to
meet him and once you have had time to think over my proposal we will take
this further. Oh Jim there is one thing I would like to know is where is
this station located, good point I will get a map and show you where all my
stations are located � sorry I forgot all about that.A couple of days later I decided to take this offer one stage further and
after contacting Jim he said good, do you know the where the nearest
airport is to your brother's work. I said you go to Fort St John and then
rent a 4 x4 truck. OK I will let your station manger know you will be away
on business next week, please go ahead and let your brother know but do not
tell him anything about my offer to you.I Emailed Roger telling him I was coming up with my Boss as he wanted to
meet you and at the moment I can say nothing else. I send off the email and
within five minutes my cell phone is going and I see its Roger, hi brother
how are things, bloody cold and make sure you have some good warm clothing
and please wear good boots and Hi-Vis clothing and have a wool torque I can
provide you with hard hats. So what day are you arriving, not sure at the
moment depends on the air flights and we will rent a 4 x 4 truck for
transportation.John I will make arrangements for two rooms in the bunkhouses, all rooms
are singles and it is a dry camp.I Email Roger telling him we will be arriving mid afternoon on Monday and
most likely stay three days, Roger Emails back saying the camp is called
Farm Acres and we will be in block "E" and if I'm not there just see the
cook and he will get you your keys, the Cooks name is Peter.Well we both head out and fly north arriving in Fort St John about midday;
we had a truck pre-booked so our transport was ready for us. After getting
direction to Farm Acres and a stop at the liquor store to grab a bottle of
scotch, we head off out into the countryside. Jim's first comment the
scenery is really beautiful and I can understand why folks live up here.We arrive at camp and locate Block "E" and meet up with Peter the cook and
tell him who we are. OK Guys let me show you around and what we have,
firstly the showers you will notice they are totally open the reason being
the guys all help each other getting clean by scrubbing each others backs,
they also do there hair cutting here and you will see at dinner to-night
most guys have either shaved heads or very tight haircuts.Don't be concerned if you need to use the bathroom at night as you will
more often than not see a guy heading for the toilet and he is totally
nude. There are no ladies about so no one gets offend either now your two
rooms are just down this corridor. Roger's room is a couple of rooms away,
so I will leave you now and I am surprised that Roger is not here must have
run into a problem.Well we both get sorted out, I decide to have a shower and while there
Roger show's up and all I say hey you ugly bastard come over here and we
hugged and kiss each other.Rogers first comment what is going on. You will be told shortly so how is
the work going? Long hours and shitty conditions and before you ask I am
thinking of moving on � interesting was my comment. So how is your job,
really very good great folk to work for and lots of respect for the job I
am doing, well that is fantastic however there is one down side we don't
see enough of each other so these three days we will have to make the most
of it.Roger says lets go and meet up with your Boss as it is close to supper
time, I knock on Jim's door and he calls out come in please. We find him
reading a lot of papers.Jim please meet my good brother Roger, Jim gets up and they shake hands,
take a seat please Roger and I will tell you I have heard a lot about you
mostly from John here who says he wished you were both working closer and
therefore see each other more often and would like to add that means you
love each other.There was total silence in the room for a few minutes then Roger gets up
and say little brother come here you little bugger and laughing, Roger
grabs his brother hugs him and then plants several good kiss on him. Jim
gets up and says Roger it is an honor to meet you in this situation and
with that he does the same thing, Roger is astounded, and then John flings
his arms around everyone present saying thank you for a fantastic
reception.Roger says we need to go to the cookhouse, as supper will be severed about
now, once in the cookhouse we get our suppers that were was very good and
once the first course is over. Roger stands up and calls out hey everyone I
have two guests here my brother John and a good friend of his Jim so if you
see them about please do not be concerned � thanks guys.Roger asks do either of you wish for tea or coffee if so it is over there,
if you prefer ginger ale and ice it is next to the tea counter. Jim says
get ice and grab a can of ginger ale and we will head for my room because I
would like to know more about you Roger if you do not mind. Firstly is the
room next to us in use Roger says no � thanks.So Roger how do you enjoy to work and the work location, well frankly I am
getting depressed the work condition are bad and feed up with the cold,
interesting so what do plan to do about it. Well I have another two weeks
on this job and then I plan on taking a break and head south, visit my
brother John here.One question Roger are you self employed; yes I am and you own your welding
truck yes I was able to get it secondhand and it has done me well. So would
it easy to sell to someone else if the occasion was right. Oh no problem at
all, there is always someone looking for such a beast which is fully
loaded.Well Jim spills the beans about moving and says John would be with you,
however I would like you both to come back with me to Australia for a month
and I can show you all three stations that I own. Now Roger I know this is
rather sudden so would you and your brother go and discuss this privately,
any questions just ask. There is one thing please this stay's between the
three of us.Now before we all hit the bunk get a glass from your room, on return the
ice is split up and a good shot of scotch is poured out. Jim says a little
toast, to the future. Roger says cute little nude lolitas
I must lolita lola kds preteen leave you both as I need to be up
at 5:30am and hopefully I will be back here around 3:30 pm sounds good
Roger and don't be surprised if we show up on the job site. Roger says stop
by the office trailer and grab two hard hats they know you will be coming
over there.Night Roger we will see you in the morning, he and John have a good hug and
go there own way; just hang on a minute please John. So what do you think
John very interesting times and the fact my brother knows we can be closer
together will help him in he decision making; that's my feelings as well so
lets see what tomorrow brings. Night Jim and thanks for what you have doneNext day we went out to see where Roger was working. It was interesting Jim
had no problem with the mud etc that was on the site. Jim took a number of
photos, after seeing Roger's area they look around at other work sites and
they were all in a similar condition plus there was a biting cold wind
blowing.We returned to camp and got cleaned up, the time was about 2:00 pm so after
the clean cute little nude lolitas
up we went and had teeny porn loli bbs some tea and discussed what we saw, in the end
Jim said I can fully understand your brother wish to move away so all we
can do is wait and see how things work out.Suddenly we hear Rogers voice calling hi Peter can you get me a mug of tea
please with just a dash of milk � coming up Roger. John gets up you got
away early that is great, do me a favor come and scrub my back please sure
thing would love too. I turned to Jim and said, see you later.Well Roger gets stripped off, throws all his dirty gear into the laundry
machine, and turns to me and asks have you washed your Hi-Vis gear. No we
have not; well go and get it all cleaned up and grab Jim's as well and gets
it into a machine pronto; hence I quickly got the gear and carried out
Rogers's request.I get stripped off and start scrubbing my brother back and say it really
looks as if you have been rolling in mud to-day, he says that's what
happened when you have lie on your back and weld above you.Roger heads to his room with his brother; so what do think of the offer of
re-locating to Australia asks John, well the fact it appears that you
accepted the offer and I'm assuming you must have good respect from Jim. So
what sort of accommodation do you have on your present farm? I have a two
bedroom home all on one level and I hire one of the ladies to do the house
keeping for me. I do my own cooking but sometimes I join the crew and eat
with them in the cookhouse. I have TV, Internet and radio phone, I also
carry a radio phone with me at all times and you would be doing the same
thing I'm sure. How is the pay and what about expense when away from your
home. Pay is really good and reasonable expenses are all covered on the
company credit card.Well John I want to visit you first for about 1 to 11/2 weeks prior to
looking at the Australian trip. Oh that's a point we will both need
passports, we need to get on with that quickly. Roger says we have plenty
of time before supper so let's make love, it did not take long before we
fucking each other and I tell there was nothing better for both of us.I said we have nothing to hold us here as there are no relatives as far as
I know and therefore we need to be together through rough or smooth we must
look after each other.I know that Dad would be proud of both of us if he was here right now. We
hugged more tightly and both start crying and almost said at the same time
I love you mate. I think we both need to get dressed ready for supper but
first we collected our laundry from the dryer.We knocked on Jim's door no reply, so we headed for the cookhouse and
spotted Jim sitting on his own; we got our supper and joined up with Jim.Roger asks Jim; so what did you think preteen lolita sample clips about what you saw out on the job
site to-day, everyone was in similar conditions how would I describe it
YUCK.So guys how was your meeting this afternoon good it was sure nice to have
some brotherly love time as it had been a long time.Well we had a great meal again and said we will visit you if we may after
supper, no problem but tonight we will get three glasses of ice and ginger
ale.Once in Jim's room we told him what we wanted to do and also we both have
to get passports, Jim agreed and accepted what was put to him. Roger when
will you be down south to visit your brother. Not later; than 2 weeks time
excellent so what will, you do with your welding truck while you are away;
sell it and I teeny porn loli bbs
have been asked by several guy's to let them lolitas none nud models
know if wanted
to sell. I will travel in my personal truck with all my gear so it obvious
you are quitting the working in north; you got that right mate.Well I look forward to seeing you at John's home, thank you Roger for being
so straightforward with me.Jim and I returned best lolita paysite colletcion back to the farm, Jims comment was interesting by saying
that brother of yours is very sincere young man and the fact he was working
in bad conditions did not appear to effect his work, you should be proud of
your brother.Well when ten year old loli
we had the farm, he did most of the maintance work including
welding on Dad's equipment and kept things running. We both worked on the
farm doing work everyday from about the age of about 10 yrs old but we
never missed lolitas none nud models a day of school and I did the ploughing and many other jobs we
all worked as a team.We in general got up at 5:30 am everyday of the week Dad always made sure
we had a good breakfast and all three of us were in bed not later than 9:00
pm.Dad also taught us how to cook a good meal; this resulted in who was ever
home first got on with getting the main meal of the day.Once back at the farm I went to the office see what sort of paper work need
dealing with, I was surprised to find my in tray was empty. I phoned my
manager to let him know I was back home. His first question how did the
trip go very well and I had an interesting time but please do not ask where
we have been I have been ask to say nothing by Jim Fielder as he will
advise you and those that need to know, no problem John.
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